My dear aspirant,

This site has been originally created by Dr.k.s.samrat,to provide some useful tips and techniques for the preparation of the IELTS TEST and for the aspirants aiming to achieve scores as 6,7,8 & 9 in ielts test.

I sincerely hope this site would help you all in achieving desired bands in the IELTS test.

All the information is composed and prepared based on my personal experience and experts opinions,i hope this will help you in acing the ielts test with ease,afterall every mistake one did can be useful for another to avoid and in return achieve great success in getting through the test.

I wish all of you good bands and i trust you would like,comment,put forward your thoughts and valuable feedback,for the improvement of this blog and the aspirants appearing the IELTS test.

This site will be updated in regular intervals providing with the materials required for the test.This site contains a service for Translation into your own native language if needed.I suggest all the exam takers follow the tips and techniques from this site and make yourself

I suggest all the exam takers follow the tips and techniques from this site and make yourself successful,for which i have created this site.

Best Wishes.


3 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Prajitha u s June 24, 2017 / 9:03 PM

    I am prajitha.from kollam , oachira,for 2wks only am joined IELTS , i want 7.5 band pls share your experience for me

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    • www.ieltsblogger.net June 24, 2017 / 10:10 PM

      Prajitha, welcome to ieltsblogger ,and please do mention whether you are applying for GENERAL MODULE or ACADEMIC MODULE so that i can tell you some information regarding that,and is it your first attempt or second kindly let me know.
      Thank you,


    • www.ieltsblogger.net June 24, 2017 / 10:49 PM


      Prajitha,inorder to achieve your desired 7.5 bands in ielts you must follow all of the following.

      1.First evaluate your english writing and speaking levels in your institute.Find the modules where you are particularly weak.Concentrate more on those areas.

      2.Learn some good vocabulary (words) around 100 ,so that you can use them in writing and speaking.

      3.Firstly to get 7.5 you must score high in Listening and Reading and so many people lose their score in these,so concentrate more on these.

      4.Practice Reading as much as you can.
      https://www.spreeder.com/ please visit this website which will help you read 3X times faster,spend atleast 30 minutes daily reading in this website.Its very useful.Practice reading newspapers faster.

      5.Practice listening more and more watch BBC channel for their pronunciation and accent.Practice official ielts all tests.

      6.Find a person who is good at english speaking and practice speaking daily atleast twice with him/her and also practice in front of the mirror and record it so that you can assess yourself.

      7.In Essay writing and Letter writing if you find any difficulty kindly send me your essays and letters and i will correct them and guide you how to use high vocabulary in those for Free.

      8.Aiming for 7.5 score needs very much dedication and hard work for sure.You have to practice for 4 to 5 hours each day atleast 1 hour for each module.

      9.Time is a very big enemy when it comes to ielts test so take care you must complete all practice tests within time.Time is going to cheat every ielts aspirant in the test.please be careful and not burden yourself take required time to prepare.

      10.Please don’t book the test unless and until you feel you are fully prepared.Most people do this mistake.Without preparation don’t book the test.

      Remember everything in this world can be achieved with great hard work and dedication,so be patient and be positive.

      Do your work perfectly rest follows.

      Please feel free to write and i will help you for sure within no time.

      GOOD LUCK.


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